#JawabDoAvam: The Blame Game

avamAam Aadmi Party is growing in strength day by day. Most of the surveys have predicted AAPs government in the upcoming Vidhansabha elections in India. And that’s when The AAP Volunteer Action Manch (AVAM), an independent body of former AAP volunteers, comes up with this striking revelation: AAP had received at least Rs. 2 crore via four “bogus” companies that were actually fronts for laundering money, within minutes on April 5 last year.

The AVAM claimed that these four donors have no business while hinting that at least 31 more such companies can be involved in the fraud of same kind.

While BJP which seemed to be scared of the rising prominence of AAP in the past couple of days and had tried everything from blame game to cartoons has found something concrete ask questions from AAP.
Meanwhile AAP supporters, who are saying it a conspiracy to tarnish party’s image, can’t let this go easily and are asking, #JawabDoAvam.

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on “#JawabDoAvam: The Blame Game
One Comment on “#JawabDoAvam: The Blame Game

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